Keller Williams Open House Medium Feather Flag Kit

Tent Share Inc

$176.00 $252.00

Keller Williams Open House Medium Feather Flag Kit

Flag Size: 23.5 x 102 Inches or 60 x 260 Centimeters

Pole Size: 134 Inches or 340 Centimeters

Installed Kit Size: 23.5 x 122 Inches or 60 x 310 Centimeters

  • Double Sided Satin Material Flags are printed on two flags sewn together to create one beautiful flag.
  • Made for Indoor or Outdoor Tradeshows, Tested in Extreme cold for outdoor use. Like all Flags, Please Remove in High winds.
  • Flags are designed to be a Temporary Promotional & Marketing Product to assist your company or event to grow.
  • Each kit has optional Professional Artwork Setup, Pole, Spike, Base, Sand Bag or Carrying Case
  • Please Note: This is a Stock Production Flag. We specialize in Customization of this product as well.
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